As Members of the National Stock Exchange of India Ltd. (NSE) and The Stock Exchange, Mumbai (BSE), we offer Discount and Full Service Brokerage services to private investor and institutions.

Quantum Securities Pvt. Ltd. has been in the broking business since 1994 and was setup as a combination of experience, enthusiasm and strong sense of commitment to its clients.  We aim to be innovative in our approach to stock broking and share market investing and strive to achieve this goal by being a personalized "boutique shop" to a select clientele.

In addition to broking, we offer discretionary and non-discretionary portfolio management services and are one of the 30 plus (registered with Securities Exchange Board of India) portfolio management firms in India.

Since 1994, the daily turnover on the Indian capital markets has grown over twenty times.  Today, the daily volume on the NSE itself is Rupees 60 billion and we at Quantum Securities Pvt. Ltd. have responded to this challenge posed by tremendous expansion by committing the capital, (year 2000 net worth of Rs. 50 million, up from Rs. 1 million in 1994) technology and most important the people to provide a strong resource base in a growing market.

There are several reasons behind our continuing success.  These include our philosophy, professional management, focus on systems and capitalization, research and most important of all stress on client relationships.

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